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Is insulting and threatening a partner abuse?

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Is insulting and threatening a partner with violence abuse?

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  • lizzie


    i'm 12 and my ex boyfriend made have sex with him and he go me pregnant and i felt scared when he did it to me


    lizzie - 05/05/2012

  • Anonymous


    I'm 14, but a year ago I e-dated a guy from Australia. He forced me to go on webcam and flash, which I know isn't as serious as rape, but it still hits me hard when I remember how he persuaded me by saying '' You'd do it if you loved me.'' I should never have fallen for it, he dumped me a week after saying he got bored of me. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed and stupid in my life...


    Anonymous - 28/04/2012

    • i no it is hard some one got me pregnant and i'm 12 i didnt want him to do it to me

      Anonymous - 05/05/2012

    • your not the only one who has done that i have done the same but i dated an american after about 3 and a half months i found out he was cheating on me i fell for the same line 'You'd do it if you loved me' after that i never really went out with anyone until 4 weeks ago but the person i'm dating ik very well

      MekahJayy - 30/04/2012

  • Hannah


    I was sexually assaulted, I just hope these messages and this site help people be more aware of what could happen to them.


    Hannah - 28/04/2012

  • jess


    is anyone else finding these slightly sexist...? especially the emotional abuse ones; women could just as easily do that to men


    jess - 25/04/2012

    • i want to thank you jess - i do believe these are sexist, and this is probably sexist in itself but i was surprised it was a woman sayig this - personally i think the majority of physical abuse is men to women, and for mental abuse i think its more even, but it can totally be the other way round...but as long as this site helps anyone being abused by anyone then im happy it helps :)

      conor - 11/12/2012

    • Men abuse women more just because they're easier to abuse.

      Eric - 02/05/2012

    • It is an issue. Some forms of abuse may more commonly happen in a situation where a male is abusive to a female, particularly rape. But men who are abused in any way by women, and also by men, are still victims and deserve support and understanding.

      Not disclosed - 30/04/2012

    • yeah that whats i thought

      Fran - 28/04/2012

    • since the ages we existed men have since dominated and abused women. on a personal level (relationships/friendships/sibling) to an open level of sexism (womens votes/rights to wear clothes of choice/gender roles/media expectations)
      unfortunately men are more abusive towards women. and that is what they want to stop.
      yes i know women can be abusive, but it's on a minor scale.
      they are trying to chance the sexist views on women and teach men not to treat women on a lesser scale. we are all equal. but this site is about abuse. and well.. sorry, men are mainly the abuser.

      miss - 27/04/2012

  • Jammiedodger128


    Most people stereotype this as women being the victims because its what it has been seen as in society for many many years, for many years, women were seen as inferior, whereas it is becoming more and more apparently that nowadays there is more abuse with men being the victims. Any type of abuse where any human is demoralised is wrong, its a act that could destroy a person for life. It can make them enter a cycle that will always be a huge part of their life, and it is a shame that some people don't realise what they are doing is wrong, and the victims feel too powerless to do something about it. Its good that more awareness has been made about it.


    Jammiedodger128 - 25/04/2012

  • lollie3


    reading these comments make me scared...i really dont want 2 be in a reletionship wiv any boys atall but i think this boy fancie's me but he is dodgie... what should i do????????


    lollie3 - 24/04/2012

    • If something about this boy is making you nervous or uncomfortable, you should pay attention to that feeling. Remember, you never, EVER have to go out with anyone you don't want to. You are not obligated to "give him a chance" or anything like that. You have to put your own wants, needs, and comfort first when it comes to going out with someone. And remember, there WILL be other boys! I know it's hard to see, especially when you're still in school, but the real world is HUGE and there are TONS of people in it. Among all the 7 billion people on this planet, there are bound to be at least one or two who are attracted to you to whom you are attracted in turn. Wait. Don't get into a relationship you don't want because you think it's your only option. It's not your only option, and it's better to be alone than to be with someone you don't want.

      Lizzie 12/09/2012

    • In what way is he 'dodgie'? If in the '' Oh he's a geek and he's not good enough for you.'' way, then he's probably fine. But if there is a cause for concern about how he acts, if he might do drugs/drink etc. then I'd suggest not getting involved. I know I might sound harsh stereotyping 'dodgy' but you never know. He might turn out to be a really nice guy, but if you don't think he's safe enough for you, don't get involved.

      Anonymous - 28/04/2012

    • Invite him to yours. if he trys anything back off. he doesnt want you if hes going to try have sex asap, im a boy, i know

      guy - 27/04/2012

    • you should get to know him first
      then if things turn out ok then you can make the next step xxxxxxxxxxxxx ok babe:)

      Laura - 26/04/2012

  • A Young Man


    Why is everything of the Home Office targeting young men as the rapists and sex offenders? Statistics only show part of the true story, they may show the young ladies as being victims on a much wider spectrum but at the same time the lack of male victims can show the amount of males that wish not to speak out of there abuse.

    So much for an equal society.


    A Young Man - 24/04/2012

    • it targets a younger audience who have not been educated properly about abuse. when we target them, thy will take the lessons to the grave and teach the future generation

      miss - 27/04/2012

  • Muhammad kamran aslam


    i don't understand this know u people understanding this. when its get to late. but girls you have to speak for this. have to take a step for this. this isn't love and you know it what is this very well. so step forward and don't let this happens before it get too late


    Muhammad kamran aslam - 23/04/2012



    i was13 and with my sister and and she was having sex with this one guy and this other guy was hitting on me and h kept on pressuring me and then he grabbed and told me i wanted to and stuff and i didnt say anything because i was to scared and while we were whatever you want to call this other guy was touching me too and after the first guy was done the other guy made me have sex with him too


    JLLYBEAN45 - 22/04/2012

  • A


    My Mum and I used to do Karate lessons for self defence on stuff like this. More for me. I am prepared. I feel so sorry for all those who have to go through abuse. It makes me sick. It was my mum's idea for me to get karate lessons and i am happy because when i'm out and i'm on my own, i do get looks from all kind of guys my age and older. I'm only 13 but i do feel secure and safe cuz i know i do have a chance to defend myself if this situation happens. Girls, learn Martial Arts, and no-one can touch you.


    A - 21/04/2012

    • i just want to say i do karate aswel and it has helped me once when a drunk man in the sreet came upto to me and said he was going to rape me. Before he could touch me i had hit him in the groin, twisted his arm round and had him on the floor in pain. So i ran. I want to thank my karate insrtuctors for that.

      megs - 28/12/2012

  • polly


    i work as a counsellor for young people who have experienced some kind of sexual violation - i work with young men and young women - it is not only young women who experience this kind of thing. and its not only young people abusing young people - its brilliant that this whole thing is being talked about but we do need to see its not just about male abuse to female. thanks!


    polly - 18/04/2012

  • Dan


    I would like to firstly say that my thoughts go out to anyone who has had to carry on their lives after anything like this has happened to them, it shouldn’t happen and there should be no need for site like this nor need for the countless lives ruined by such horrendous acts of spit. But what also goes out to any individual that has experienced such thing and those close to them who carry them through it is pure admiration and respect, I admire someone who is strong enough to pick what they can up after these atrocious acts are committed on them. Thus carrying on with their life though scared but powerful and strong. Though it may feel "your" alone and can’t turn any direction for support I want "you" to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, always a silver lining and always a brighter day after the dark storm. Though u may feel like you are nothing, know that you are beautiful, you are special, you are strong and most importantly you are you which nothing will change. I do what I can to help people to stay happy, I do what I can to stay strong but these people do it ten-fold and have my full support respect and admiration. To all of "you" stay strong and you will find that you are an amazing person. With all my praise and admiration Dan x


    Dan - 14/04/2012

  • a friend


    im only 14, i have'nt even had a boyfriend yet, but i feel so sorry for everyone who has had to deal with this. it's revolting to think thats what's happening in our world today. i think everyone who's posted there story is so brave. it must be so hard to deal with it on your own and i hope that you all find someone who care's and love's for you. not all guy's and girl's do this but if someone does do this, my advise is to tell someone don't keep it in. i wish everyone good luck and don't let that person destroy your life. life is an amazing thing, not all of life is good but yet not all of life is bad x
    from a friend


    a friend - 14/04/2012

  • candy


    is un fair iam bisexual and people are beting me up my brother is just like this i wish my child hood was over my my mum is such a little player iam alllways alone


    candy - 13/04/2012

    • hey if your biased then that is your choice if they are picking on you try to rise above it or if you would like write a diary to put all your worries away or tell a trusted adult

      Alex Wright - 27/04/2012

    • hey why is ur brother being beaten up if ur a bi

      lollie3 - 24/04/2012

  • megan


    I think Rape and Abuse is Wrong! People should be able to stop and Think about what there doing because it may seems right to them but not to the other person. If People could see there selfs and feel how other people are feeling they wouldn't do it because its wrong. If anyone has been putting up with things like this don't! you should be able to speak for youself maybe just maybe they would understand and stop before they hurt you. Just think or speak before you do it or let them. don't be scared


    megan - 13/04/2012

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